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hA2cg Diet
In the 1950's a doctor by the name of Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons, researched why women who were undernourished and underfed could still give birth to health babies. He discovered that hCG (human chorionic gonadotrpohin) a hormone produced by pregnant women actually mobilized non-essential fat to provide nourishment to the baby. Further investigation showed that anyone taking this hormone, if on a low calorie diet, could utilize the hCG for energy and nourishment. Since it is not a sex hormone, men could also take it.
Dr. Simeons also noted characteristics of the obese. Nearly always they had a depressed metabolism, constant state of hunger, cravings, and many would actually gain weight when on a calorically deficient diet. Dr. Simeons discovered that the diencephalons, (or the hypothalamus) a primitive part of the brain, was responsible for the the accumulation of fat through various factors, a condition we call obesity. Dr. Simeons explains that there are three kinds of fat. The first two are normal fats, structural fat that resides around organs and joints, and fat reserves which are used for energy. The third fat is an abnormal fat that accumulates around the hips, thighs, waist, stomach and other unwanted areas. These abnormal fats do not move with normal diet and exercise. The body holds on to these fats for extreme emergencies such as long term starvation. However, during pregnancy, these fat reserves are burned for the baby and also when inadequate calories are consumed, the hCG will mobilize this fat storage. This is how the hCG works on a low calorie diet. The abnormal fat is mobilized by the hCG. The purpose of this diet is to re-set the diencephalons so that your body does not go back to its original weight. This is when life style changes need to be made.
Many feel that the only way a person should lose weight is through life style changes. Certainly life style changes are important especially after losing weight, but what are the obese supposed to do who do not lose weight the same way others do? Dr. Simeons gave a good example of a woman who cam to him for weight loss. He was on the phone when his assistant brought her into his office and had her sit in front of his desk. He looked at her and wondered what she wanted. She was emaciated and her bones were sticking out. He thought she may have cancer but wondered why his assistant would bring her to him when he helped people lose weight, not cure cancer. When he got off the phone, he asked her how he could help her and she relied she wanted to lose weight. He was a bit alarmed and she saw that in his face. She said she knew what he was thinking and she would show him what problem she was having. She stood up and her hips were enormous. She said she has dieted so often they to get rid of the fat on her hips and as a result she has become emaciated in other areas of her body but the fat on her hips would not move. He put her on the hCG diet and she not only lost fat on her hips, she regained the normal fat she had lost on her face, arms, chest etc. The emaciated  look was gone.
Many obese individuals lose the weight so slowly that they become discouraged because nobody really sees their efforts. When they try the hCG diet, it goes faster and is encouraging for them to continue efforts and to learn life styles that help with keeping the weight off. Sometimes it takes several efforts but if they are willing to work at it, the life style will come eventually. It takes work to get over sensitivities, cravings, or the obesity Dr. Simeons talks about. Let's get to the problem, which are the diencephalons, and not talk about life style changes until the person is ready. Obese individuals have specific problems to overcome. One lady who was overweight since childhood was unable to lose weight even when she only consumed 800 calories a day. She said that the 800 calories maintained her obesity. If she dared to eat any more than that, she gain weight. Most of us would not have the will power to eat only 800 calories a day yet that is what she did for a very long time, while suffering from the judgmental people who have no problem with their weight. She went on the hCG diet and was able to lose the abnormal fat and now is able to eat 1800-2000 calories a day without gaining the weight back.
Many people have been helped with the hCG diet such as the two I mentioned above. The hA2cg homeopathic I use is not the hCG but the two active amino acids from the molecule. It works better than hCG in my opinion, and once we have helped people return to a healthier weight, life style changes come next.
They hCG molecule contains 244 amino acids. Only a small portion of the molecule actually helps with weight loss. The rest of the molecule needs to be discarded by the body and this can make it rather bulky with less efficient signaling to the brain. The small portion of the molecule is used in the hA2cg homeopathic made by DesBio.
10 drops under the tongue three times a day. If you feel full and have trouble getting the food down, take it twice a day.  If you are hungry take it 4-6 times a day until you feel satisfied. Be aware of the differences between emotional hunger and actual physical hunger.
The drops can be taken daily for anyone going on the diet for 20 days for less. For those who plan to lose more weight and will be on the program for 40 days, you will need to go off the hA2ch one day a week. A good rule of thumb is to go off it on Sunday but you can work that out according to your own schedule. The will help prevent the hA2cg from becoming immune. The days you go off the hA2cg still count towards the 40 days.
Plan to start the diet right after your menses. This way, if you are on the 20 day program, you will not have to deal with menstruation. If you are on the 40 day plan, you will only have to deal with it once. The three heaviest days of your period, you need to go off the hA2cg. You may feel more hungry at this time and it may be necessary to add a little more food to get through those three days. However, stick to the appropriate foods on the diet. Most women do fine. Again, the days you go off the hA2cg still count towards the 40 days.
With the hA2cg there are two diet choices on can make. One is the original 500 calorie or now one can also choose the 1000 calorie diet. Those who wish to lose more then 15 pounds may want to consider the 500 calorie and those who wish to lose less many want to choose the 1000 calorie. Also, the 500 calorie diet is restricted on exercise where the 1000 calorie diet exercise is required in order to lose rapidly. If one wishes to lose 15 or more pounds and does not wish to go on a 500 calorie diet, the 1000 calorie diet is very effective. Very low calorie diets may not be good for everyone. People with the following issues should not go on a very low calorie diet.
1. Individuals with weak or compromised immune systems.
2. Patients with "brittle" or hard to control diabetes.
3. Patients with untreated Graves Disease.
4. People with high blood pressure requiring two or more med to control it.
5. Individuals with low blood pressure.
6. Patients with cancer that has not been in complete remission, particularly those undergoing chemotherapy.
7. Patients with tuberculosis.
8. Patients with gall bladder colic.
9. Individuals with unstable gout or unstable angina.
10. Women we are breast feeding or are pregnant.
No grains, no sweeteners (natural, artificial or otherwise) other then zylitol and stevia may be consumed. Both can be found in health stores. No fats or oils including butter, oil-based dressing, mayonnaise, and no oil-based lotions, creams, and cosmetics may come into contact with your skin. What you absorb through your skin, you eat. Dr. Simeons did allow Melba toast and grissini breadsticks. However, if you decide to consume them, go without for about five days to make sure you are not reacting to them. Gas, bloating, headaches, joint pain, upset stomach, moodiness, and many other symptoms can show up. Quit them immediately if you notice anything different. Also, if you are having plateaus or you are feeling hungry, you may want to try going without them to see if you notice any difference.
Two proteins should be consumed daily and may be eaten raw, steamed, or grilled. Do not fry in oil or fat. Fatty meats may NOT be consumed such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and pork. Once a week a leaner cut of beef may be consumed such as tenderloin, sirloin, etc. These meats must NOT be eaten together and if you do not consume all of what is allowed, you may not consume it the next day.
A service of meat is 3.5 ounces raw or 3.0 ounces of cooked meat. Weigh with a kitchen scale.
Acceptable meats include:
Any white fish such as cod, flounder, halibut, tilapia, or sea bass
Any shell fish such as scallops, lobster, shrimp, or crab
Lean cuts of beef
Two vegetable sources should be consumed daily. A serving is 1/2 to 1 cup raw. They may be also steamed or grilled. Remember no fats! Do not eat the two vegetables allowed together at the same time. If for some reason you do not consume both vegetables in one day, you many NOT make it up the next day.
Acceptable vegetables:
Green beans
Greens such as cabbage, lettuce, arugula, spinach, etc.
Lettuce is mostly water and fiber and may be consumed as desired and does not have to be counted. Tomatoes are considered either a fruit or a vegetable so if you desire a salad with lettuce, you can add a tomato as your fruit and another vegetable on the list.
Two fruits are allowed a day. They must not be eaten together. However, if you have a tendency to feel hungry, you can try eating a fruit for a snack instead of including it in your meal. If you do not consume both fruits in one day, you may not make it up the next day.
Acceptable fruits:
A medium apple
Half grapefruit
Six large strawberries
Other berries, about the same amount
Medium orange
One plum
One apricot
One protein, one vegetable, one fruit and if you are including them, one grissini breadstick or one melba toast twice a day.
In the morning you can drink coffee, tea, water, and you may have one lemon per day. Sweet leaf stevia comes in many flavors and is a good choice while on this diet to add to beverages such as tea, water, and mineral water for extra flavor. Also, lemon may be added to water or tea. Dr. Simeons also allowed one tablespoon of low fat milk per day.
Seasonings may be used for extra flavor such as ginger, thyme, sea salt and pepper, vinegar, garlic, basil, cilantro, curry, cinnamon, mustard, green onion, hot peppers and any seasonings that have no sugar or MSG. Also, remember no fats and no grains such as wheat, cereal, pastries, rice, and other starches such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash or pumpkin. Basically, eat only the foods listed as acceptable. Fruits not listed are too sweet so again, consume only the ones listed. Stay away from all processed foods.
Reading Dr. Simeon's book "Pounds and Inches" would be a good way to understand why following these directives are so important. Go to and download the book. You can also purchase the book from me in my office. Not following these restrictions can result in quick weight gain much to the disappointment of the person trying to lose.
For recipes, simply Google "hCG Recipes."  There are many ideas online.  I recommend utilizing as many sources as possible.
Expect to lose 1/2 or 1 lb per day.
Four phases to diet
          1. Fat-loading
          2. Calorie-restricted diet
          3. Maintenance phase
         4. Normalization
The hA2cg drops will mobilize stored fat that contains many toxins such as hard metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc. They will have no place to go but into your tissues and organs if you do not detoxify. This is absolutely necessary for a healthy way of dieting. Failure to detoxify will not only mobilize toxins into unwanted areas, it will also result in looser skin, longer recovery, a gaunt look, and the resetting of the diencephalons may not occur. One week prior to starting the hA2cg drops, start daily detoxification program with 30 drops of Cerebromax, 30 drops of Spinalmax, and 30 drops of Matrix to a liter of water to be sipped throughout the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday add 30 drops of Detox I, 30 drops of Detox II, and 30 drops of Detox III to a liter of water and sip throughout the day. Start the drops one week prior to starting the diet, all the way through the diet, and all the way through maintenance.
 The CLEAR Choice for
Whole-Body Detox
(DesBio Flyer) 
All six components work together to restore optimal functionality to all major body systems to quickly clear and clean the body. Other products provide drainage or detoxification to only specific organ systems (for example, a “liver detox”), but our formulas work together to open essential pathways throughout the whole body. The difference with the DesBio Comprehensive Detoxification program is that it recognizes the interdependence of all the organ systems involved. Our six part system acknowledges the crucial role of cerebral-spinal-interstitial matrix interaction in total body communication and directly supports the digestive, renal, and lymphatic systems, the main systems involved in toxin elimination.
Why Is Detox Important?
We can’t avoid toxins. We breathe them in through our respiratory system, absorb them through our skin, and consume them in the foods we eat. We even naturally generate toxins as by-products of our body’s own metabolism.Even though the human body comes equipped with a sophisticated detoxification system designed to neutralize and expel toxins, the accumulation of toxins throughout the body significantly impairs and overwhelms natural elimination processes. Simply switching to a “cleaner” diet or using nutritional remedies will not remove the blockages that have developed over time.  DesBio’s program is designed to address these blockages and help restore the natural elimination systems to optimal functionality.
Why Is DesBio’s Detox Better?
DesBio’s detox program is carefully adjusted to allow healing ingredients and treatments to enter the body’s cells to provide relief and rejuvenation. It supports the body in waking up organ systems, healing internal damage, and getting back its natural detoxification abilities. A major advantage of our comprehensive homeopathic approach is that our remedies address drainage and meridian balancing simultaneously with detoxification.Nutritional detoxification and even classical homeopathic approaches can often result in patients experiencing a “healing crisis” as they begin activating and eliminating harbored toxins. Even mildly toxic patients will often feel mental-fog, fatigued, or even flu-like as toxins begin to filter through their elimination systems.  Our complex remedies aim to address this by combining drainage remedies to ensure that neutralized toxins are eliminated efficiently and facilitate greater comfort for the patient.  Clearing the body’s essential  the healing effects of any type of therapeutic treatment, whether homeopathy,chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, enzymes, or nutrition.   With the brain, nerves, organs, and cellular membranes open and receptive, the whole body is ready to efficiently process and effectively use the healing treatment provided.Without unblocking and preparing these essential pathways, treatment of any kind is compromised and could be a waste of time and money.
Who Needs A Detox Program?
Ideally, everyone would follow a detox protocol.  However, for certain patients detox is critical. Those with chronic illnesses and/or major medical issues, those with allergies, patients with autoimmune disorders (lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, etc.)• Anyone recovering from a serious illness or surgery•   Anyone on a calorie-restricted diet.
How Do I Do It?
DesBio’s Detox program is a full-body detoxification, drainage, and physiological regulation program designed to optimize all major organ functions and systems related to cleaning and detoxifying the body.
Balance the Brain—Cerebromax
The brain is the central processing center of the body, and its functions are critical to all body systems.   When neurotransmitters are unbalanced, the brain experiences symptoms such as depression, chemical imbalances, memory disorders, sleep problems, and stress. Bringing the neurotransmitters into balance helps relieve these symptoms and provides a smooth flow of nerve impulses necessary to each body system’s healthy function. Freeing this system allows better treatment of mental health-related problems, such as depression and issues with mental focus and memory.
Optimize the Spine—Spinalmax
The spine is the body’s communication highway, carrying nerve impulses to muscles that perform bodily functions.When this highway is blocked, the movement and flow of information to the rest of the body is obstructed. A blocked spinal pathway leads to pain, anxiety, and nervousness and prevents the body from benefiting fully from chiropractic or massage treatments.
Clear the Matrix—Matrix Support
The interstitial matrix is the minuscule space between cells in our bodies. This space is filled with a gel-like substance that regulates what goes in and out of cells. When this intracellular space becomes filled with toxins or other waste material, it becomes difficult for nutrients and other beneficial substances to move into cells. Clearing this space of toxins helps every cell in the body function at maximum efficiency.
Cleanse the Liver & GI—Detox I
The digestive system provides fuel to the body and all its systems. However, along with food, we take in many toxins that clog the liver and GI tract. When the toxins don’t drain from the digestive system, symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and fatigue occur. Detoxifying the digestive system allows the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines to function optimally, ensuring that the body’s metabolism provides energy to all body systems. Any treatment for GI problems will be better received when these pathways are open.
Purify the Kidneys & Urinary Tract—Detox II
The urinary system eliminates wastes from the body. When this system is blocked, symptoms such as fluid retention, swelling,back pain, and urinary frequency, urgency, and burning occur. Cleansing this system improves drainage to the entire body, increasing the waste elimination function and detoxifying the kidneys.
Drain the Lymphatic System—Detox III
The lymphatic system creates immune cells to bolster the body’s defenses and ability to resist disease and toxins. When this system is out of balance, the body’s resistance becomes low, allowing viruses, bacteria, and other undesirable elements to infect body tissues. Draining and opening the lymphatic system keeps white blood cells active, battling disease and filtering toxins,and allows lymph fluid to flow effectively through the body.
DesBio’s Whole-Body
Approach to Detox:
The DesBio Detox Protocol
First week:   Three times a day, put 10 drops each of Cerebromax, Spinalmax, and Matrix Support under the tongue (total 30 drops, 10 of each product each time). Alternatively, add 30 drops of each product to one liter of water and sip throughout the day.
Following weeks (30 days minimum, 60 days recommended, continue until issues are resolved):
     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Three times a day, put 10 drops each of Detox I, Detox II, and Detox III under the tongue (total 30 drops, 10 of each product each time). Alternatively, add 30 drops of each product to one liter of water and sip throughout the day. Consider adding 30 drops of the Meridian Opener for the weakest meridian each day for maximum effect.
     Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Three times a day, put 10 drops each of Cerebromax, Spinalmax, and Matrix Support under the tongue (total 30 drops, 10 of each product each time). Alternatively, add 30 drops of each to one liter of water and sip throughout the day.
One other factor that needs to be addressed is the scale for weighing. Your weight needs to be taken and recorded daily. When you get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and weigh yourself before eating, drinking, or getting dressed. Do this every day the same way or the weight you get on the scale may not be consistent. The scale I use is from Fleet Farm and costs about $30. It is extremely accurate, consistent, and has an added benefit of relating your body fat percentage and your water weight. It is a Taylor, body fat scale model #5741F.   It would be well worth it to purchase this scale. I used a regular scale at first and never knew for sure if I lost or gained unless it was a little more dramatic weight loss.
Day one and day two are fat loading days. They are also the days you start taking the hA2cg drops. Fat loading is essential to the 500 calorie diet because the fat cells need to be filled to get you ready for those first days of low calorie dieting. Dr. Simeons noted that those who did not fat load because they were afraid of gaining weight, did not do as well as those who did fat load. It is also important to take the hA2cg drops two days prior to starting the low calorie diet because your body needs the hA2cg to help mobilize the fat and prevent hunger. Your body needs to be saturated with it for it to work well.
         1. One week prior, start detox program
         2. Day one: fat load and take hA2cg and detox drops
         3. Day two: fat load and take hA2cg and detox drops
         4. Day three: Start low calorie diet and continue hA2cg and detox.
         5. Day four through day twenty or day forty, depending on how much weight you want to lose, continue with low calorie diet, detox, and hA2cg drops.
         6. Day 21 or day 41, stop drops, continue with detox, and continue with diet.
         7. Day 23 or day 43, stop low calorie diet but continue with detox.
         8. Day 24 or day 44, stop diet and start maintenance program (to be discussed below). Continue with detox.
When you lose 34 lbs you need to stop the drops even if you have not completed the 20 or 40 day protocol. You do this by stopping the drops but continuing the diet for three more days. You must not eat normally when you have hA2cg in your system or you will dramatically gain weight back. That is why you always continue with the diet three more days after stopping the drops. Make sure you understand this or you will be bitterly disappointed.
Some people prefer to do the diet in small spurts rather then the full amount of days allowed. This is wok to do but there must be a maintenance period for three weeks and a normalization period after maintenance for another three weeks prior to starting a second round.
Each time you go off the diet, there is a longer period of time to wait to go back on it. Also, if you never complete the program time on the diet, the diencephalons may not re-set.
Maintenance lasts three weeks starting day 24 or 44.   You may now enjoy many of the foods that were not allowed on the low calorie diet.   However, all sugars, starchy foods, grains, starchy vegetables such as a potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes such as peas, other grains such as corn, pasta, beans, cookies, and other sweets, breads, rolls, crackers, popcorn, and any other sweet or starchy foods are not allowed.   You may now enjoy a glass of wine, the other fruits and non-starchy vegetables that were not allowed on the diet, dairy may be introduced, you may have all the fats you wish, and now is the time for you to observe that fats are NOT making you fat, nor are the other foods allowed at this time.   Food sensitivities may cause some trouble.  If that is the case, you need to come see me. The maintenance is vital to the whole process because during this time, your diencephalons will re-set.  Sometimes it takes more then once to go through the diet to re-set them but it is vital to follow the maintenance or it will not happen.   Another reason to go on this diet is to make sure you burn fat instead of glucose. Your body prefers it especially your heart and brain and the weight comes off easier.
If at any time, you have gained over 2 pounds, you must correct the situation immediately. You do this by going on a steak day the SAME day you are over the 2 pounds. When on maintenance, it works the same as when on the hA2cg except you have no restrictions on the amount of meat. You go all day without eating but drinking plenty of fluids. At the evening meal you eat a large steak and either an apple or a tomato. That is it! Hopefully, this will correct the situation. You must also be careful not to lose more than two pounds. If you do, you need to work at gaining it back so that your maintenance period tells your brain where you want it to be. If you do not normalize your weight, your diencephalons may not re-set.
This is the 1000 calorie diet that is allowed with the hA2cg diet. For those who lead active life styles, for those who do not have much weight to lose, or for those who do not feel they can stick to a 500 calorie diet, this program works great.   Expect to lose up to 5 lbs a week. The diet is similar to the 500 calorie diet with the following exceptions:
1. You need to be active or exercising for you to lose the weight quickly.   In the 500 calorie diet, it is recommended you not start an exercise program or not exercise harder then normal.   In the 1000 calorie diet, exercise is recommended.
2. You eat the same foods as in the 500 calorie diet but instead of 3.5 ounces of raw meat, you may have 6 ounces of raw meat (in weight-yes you can cook it).
3. You include an OptimaLean shake each morning.
4. You may go on this diet any where from 14 days up to 42 days. If you lose 34 lbs. you must stop the drops and continue for three more days on the diet before your start maintenance.
5. You do not need to fat load.
Everything else is the same!
The Ultimate Weight Loss Protein Powder
Strawberry Banana or Chocolate
  • Enhance fat loss while preserving lean tissue.
  • Provide therapeutic levels of B Vitamins
  • Enhance fat metabolism
  • Support the body in maintaining proper sugar balance
OptimaLean protein powder is a nutritional beverage that provides macro- and micro-nutrients in proportions carefully chosen to support improved body composition and weight loss or maintenance.   OptimaLean should be taken in conjunction with at least one balanced meal per day comprised of fresh whole fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, and grains.   (if you are not doing the hA2cg diet.  Otherwise you take it once daily on the 1000 calorie diet only).
This advanced formula contains:   Chromium to inhibit synthesis of new fat from carbohydrates; Phaseolamin to reduce carbohydrate absorption; Green Tea Extract to enhance cellular energy metabolism and to protect cells with its antioxidant properties;  and Alpha-ketoglutarate to support muscle protein synthesis.
OptimaLean can be used alone or with diet and exercise as recommended by your health care practitioner, and as a balanced part of a traditional or modified hCG weight loss plan.
PLATEAUS:   If you go three days without losing weight, you can break the plateau by trying some of the following ideas. These are to be used only when on the hA2cg drops.
          1. Take the hA2cg drops up to 6 times a day.
          2. Go on an apple day. Starting at noon one day until noon the next day, you may eat six apples. Fluids are optional. Eat nothing else.
          3. Go on a steak day. This means you drink plenty of fluids all day long until supper when you may have either a 3.5 ounce steak when on the 500 calorie, or a 6 ounce steak if on the 1000 calorie diet and either an apple or a tomato. That is it!! No other food is allowed.  Of course, if you are on maintenance, you can do a steak day and eat as much steak as you want, but may only have one tomato or one apple just as when you were on the diet.
1. Not enough fat loading for the 500 calorie diet.
2. Mixing your vegetables, proteins, or fruits.
3. Chewing gum or mints
4. Eating fatty beef or eating more then the allowed amount of meat.
5. Not drinking enough fluids (not counting coffee)
6. Drinking diet drinks with sweeteners other then zylitol or stevia.
7. Not varying the protein enough
8. Eating out
9. Using oil based cosmetics or lotions
10. Different weighing patterns. Be sure to weigh yourself in the morning before you get dressed and after you use the bathroom. Do not wear your clothes and do not eat breakfast or drink anything before weighing.
There are many fine products that can help you get through the diet with ease.   DesBio requires all dieters to take EquolSlim, those 50 years and older take hGH, and women at menopause or after menopause all take Hormone Combination.   I have not made these mandatory in my office although I would highly recommended taking them. They do cost extra but I sell them along with all other supporting supplements at a 25% discount. Other recommendations include Appetite Control for emotional issues related to hunger, Professional Weight Support for those who do not wish to do a hA2cg based diet, or for constipation, muscle cramps, vitamin and mineral needs, or some may want to use the EquolSlim during maintenance or normalization phase.    More will be covered in my information class the first Tuesday of the month.
Natural Food Stores (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Local CO-OP and Health food stores)
           The way to moisturize during this time that will NOT affect your hA2cg is to get a small spray bottle suitable for misting your body and face. Get a smaller one to stick in your purse as well. Fill it with purified water and Sea Salt, about 1 tablespoon for each 12 ounce bottle. Shake before spraying. This attracts the moisture from the air to keep your skin and hair moisturized. Also, instead of your regular cleanser use Seventh Generation Baby Wipes as a way to cleanse your face and remove makeup while maintaining your pH level. This will ensure your skin's protective barriers stay intact.
Avalon Organics
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Physician's Formula
American Beauty (Kohl's)
Beyond Belief
Jane (Walgreen's)
Majick Botanicals
7th Generation Baby Wipes (also on
NAPCA with aloe vera
Red Wine Vinegar
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother
Stevia-Sweetleaf Liquid
Herbs and spices
They have 100%  grass-fed birth to plate bison meat steaks, patties, roasts, sausages, ribs, jerky, meat sticks, bacon, bratwurst, hotdogs, kabobs, strip steaks...
Toll free 888-295-6332  One day shipping is much cheaper than buying from the supermarket.
For homemade hCG meals see or contact Shelly Drews at                  
DDF Organic Sun Protection SPF 30
Twinlab Na-PCA Non Oily Spray
Barely Mineral Poducts, Ulta
Oil Free Shampoo: Mastery Shampoo Traite
Oil Free Conditioner: Mastery Frehair Conditioner
Deodorant: (No aluminum) NOW Foods-Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream
Oil Free Makeup: Bare Essentials
Breath mints: 1-888-4-sencha
DIETZ & WATSON Premium Meats and Cheeses

A mix from Key West: Kermit's "Fresh Lime and Datil Pepper Seasoning"
Good Earth in St. Cloud and other natural health stores.
1. Go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, weigh yourself and then take your drops.
2. Weigh everything at every meal.
3. Take the drops daily as directed by your health care provider.
4. Prepare and drink your water and minerals (many of your minerals and vitamins may need to be taken with food.)
5. Keep a daily log of what you eat each meal. (This will help the doctor and counselors to help you if you stop losing.)
6. Each day you take hCG your body releases 1500-4000 calories of stored fat, added to the 500 calories a day that you are eating.   Most people are very satisfied with this amount of daily calories.
7. Make containers of herbal teas and keep a pitcher of lemonade (using stevia for a sweetener) or tea in the fridge to quench your thirst and ward off those sweet cravings. Use fruit flavored liquid Stevia to sweeten coffee, teas, salad dressings and lemonade. can also be found at local health food stores. You can just drink the ice teas throughout the day or as a cooking medium for meats and vegetables instead of oils.
8. Always season the pan before cooking meats with sea salt, pepper and herbs mixed in water or tea. This helps to keep the meats or vegetables moist. 
9. Every week after you shop prepare as many meals as you can, make your cucumber pickles, celery, grilled chicken, meats, chili, etc. Freeze the ones that you can in serving sizes and then just warm them in a pan (try not to use microwaves, as they destroy the beneficial food enzymes.)
10. For the best results while on program chew slowly and make your meal last at least 20 minutes. (Try to eat at the table, have conversation or listen to soothing music.)
11. Never eat the same meal back to back, change the vegetables every meal. Eat 3 1/2 ounces of protein twice a day. You are allowed two fruits a day. You can eat large quantities of allowable vegetables, but make sure you are eating a total of 500 calories a day.
12. Try to use organic food as much as possible.
13. Avoid foods that are processed or have hormones or antibiotics. You want to eat the leanest cuts of meat and free range when possible.
14. DO NOT USE oils of any kind, especially PAM, while doing the hCG drops. This is one of the keys to success during VLCD.
15. Keep gloves on your hands while fixing foods that you cannot eat for the the rest of your family. Oils will be absorbed if you don't take this precaution.
16. Wear gloves when dusting with oils, or cleaning with any furniture oils. They may sound a little crazy but it can make a difference.
17. If you cannot afford to change your personal care products at the start of the program, then try using them sparingly. use the smallest amount possible. If you find you are not losing weight, you will have to stop using them. But when possible ask for a list of products that can be used while on the program and make the changes. You will be able to use your old products again after the program. (Check products in booklet.)
18. Sleep is vitally important while on the program. You need at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
19. Get excited you have begun your journey now. You will be amazed at the outcome if you follow these simple steps.
CONGRATULATIONS on making a great choice for your health.
1. Not loading enough fat during load days (first two days of hCG) this might explain hunger and associated crankiness during the first week of hCG low calorie protocol.
2. Mixing vegetables at meals. Dr. Simeons clearly states that you must eat one vegetable. While some people lost quite satisfactorily when mixing vegetables, it is a place to review if losing slows.
3. Chewing gum, mints, etc. during VLCD (very low calorie diet.) Again, some people lose quite satisfactorily when violating this directive, but it is a place to review if losing slows.
4. Drinking diet drinks including Crystal Light, diet soda or other diet drinks. Only water, teas, coffees, and mineral water. Remember, you get one lemon to use each day.
5. Eating fatty beef. American beef is noted as significantly fattier then the beef Dr. Simeons refers to. Buffalo is the better choice for this diet.
6. Eating more then 3 1/2 oz. of protein. Protein weight is to be based on PRECOOKED (not post-cooked) weight. This can make quite a difference in the prescribed serving with certain proteins.
7. Not varying the protein from meal to meal. IF you have to choose the same meal twice, then do so if it means staying on the program, just don't make it a habit.
8. Not drinking enough water. You need to drink at least two quarts of water a day. Divide your weight by two and try to drink that in ounces.
9. Not weighing daily under similar conditions. Try to weigh in the same clothes of something very similar in weight around the same time each morning before you eat or drink anything.
10. Eating out. Avoid eating at restaurants because you have no control over how food is prepared. IF you can't avoid eating out, then choose a protein, ask the chef no to cook in oil but in water and find a vegetable or a green salad. Ask for lemon or use tea for dressing. In most cases, they are very accommodating. If you're going to be traveling check the internet before traveling and do a search of healthier places you can eat. I have prepared my own meals and taken an ice chest.
1. Increase water intake to 2-3 quarts per day. (Divide your weight by 2- drink that in ounces.)
2. Try adding a glass or two of green tea to your day.
3. Stop eating oranges they can be too high in sugar, eat two small apples or only eat one apple for the day.
4. Cut out American beef. you can try Buffalo.
5. Check all condiments or any form of sugar. "Garlic Salt" may list sugar as an ingredient. Any seasoning salt or seasoning product must be carefully checked.
6. If mixing vegetables, or adding vegetables that aren't on Simeons list, stop.
7. IF having trouble with constipation, try holy tea. Most people find this to be very effective. Holy Tea can be purchased at  www. Contact you life coach for a good colon therapist or other products.)
8. Try leaving out one or both of the breadsticks.
9. Make sure there are no additives in chicken or other protein sources. Eat organic meats only, stay away from hormones, antibiotics the best you can.
10. Consider if you are potentially at your ideal weight. Are you in the suggested weight range for your height and build? Are you also hungry and not feeling as good? It may be time to stop losing. (If so, speak with your doctor or counselor on how to raise your caloric intake while staying on protocol.)
11. For some women, your cycle may be coming into play. Talk to your doctor or counselor.
12. Have you changed or started one or more medications? The change may just cause a few days delay as your body adjusts, but you may want to consult with your physician.
13. Review Simeon's manuscript for serious plateaus (5 days or longer.) While the manuscript reports 'apple day' as purely psychological, many participants, report a loss of 2 pounds the day after an apple day.
14. Do a mini steak day. You only drink fluids all day then at the end of the day you eat one steak 3.5 ounces and an apple or tomato.  That is all.  If you are on a 1000 calorie diet, you may have a 6 ounce steak, and if you are on maintenance, you may have as large a steak as you wish, but still just one apple or tomato.
15. Since the protocol says you are not required to eat all the food each day, you may consider dropping one or both of the 'breads' and or one of your fruits (especially oranges or tomatoes.)
16. Make sure you are moving, go out for a walk, or take a hike. Do something that you enjoy doing. Go out dancing . Have fun! Enjoy your new life.  If you are on the 500 calorie diet, be careful not to overdo the exercise.
17. Make sure you are not getting oils through your skin. Wear gloves while preparing foods for other members in the family if there are oils involved. It can make the difference.
18. Being a Grandma I love to give my babies baths, I unconsciously used baby lotion all over them only to wake up with no weight loss. So watch everything you use on yourself and others.
19. Remember lady's this is not the time to have a pedicure unless you take your own oil free products.
20. Having your hair done at the beauty shop can stop your weight loss a couple of days, take your own products. Do not get your hair colored while taking the drops.
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